The Knight Family

Mary-Anne, her husband Bob, ten year old Michael and eight year old Alexa share their lives and home with their Tervuerens, Kenai and Sophie as well as 2 toy poodles for the tervs to play with...

Kenai spends his time playing on the jungle gym, the trampoline and digging in the garden. Every Tuesday Kenai attends training at Wynberg Military camp with Jan Buchner, who has succeeded in turning Kenai into a pleasure to be around.
The family loves Kenai and will recommend having Tervurens as family pets. However, they would like to emphasise that these breed of dogs need to be trained and exercised regularly.

The Terveuren girl, Sophie (Delatro Alta Crambe) joined the family during July 2007. She will be shown and made up as Breed Champion - watch this space!

Sophie, 8 weeks old ( 18 July 2007)
kenai and kids
Alexa and Michael and Kenai

Kenai and Sophie.
kenai trampoline
Kenai on trampoline and the kid's Jungle Gym, keeping body and mind fit!
what next
Kenai, : " Ok, what next ??? "
kenai play
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