Tinus v.d. Vyver and Family

Tinus is married to Suzette and has two daughters, Janet (30) and Adel (28), grandkids Morne (3) and Lana (1)

Their extended family includes a veteran Groenendael bitch, Ch. and FlyCh. Delatro Purdie Koko of Purcati CGC, her son Ch.Purcati Bastian (Ceasar) CGC and Ch. Purcati Candi (Candy), a four year old Groenendael.

Liewe Lulu, a little rescue Maltese poodle thingy, is the house dog and rules Suzette with an iron paw!

Tinus's breeders website : www.purcati.co.za>

Purdie: Ch. Delatro Purdie Koko of Purcati, CGC and Class A Obedience, Dog Jumping, Contact and Non-Contact Agility, Flyball and FireHoops
Tinus : Non-champion, admirer of the Belgian Shepherd breed
Ceasar: Ch. Purcati Bastian , GCG and in training to become Class C Obedience Ch., Ch. Flyball and GrCh. Firehoops.
Tinus's pride and joy:
Ch. Delatro Purdie Koko of Purcati, CGC and Ob Class A.
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